Tristan Da Cunha Facts

Edinburgh of the Seven Seas. Image by Michael Clarke Stuff.

Edinburgh of the Seven Seas. Image by Michael Clarke Stuff.

Status: Tristan Da Cunha is part of the UK’s Overseas Territory of St Helena, Ascension and Tristan Da Cunha

Population: 275 (approx.)

Demonym: Tristonian

Capital: Edinburgh of the Seven Seas

Area of main island: 38 sq mi (98 km²)

Location: 37°4’S 12°19’W

Nearest Inhabited Land Masses:
– Saint Helena: 1500 miles (2430 km)
– South Africa: 1750 miles (2816 km)
– South America: 2088 miles (3360 km)

Accessibility: Only accessible by a 7 day boat journey from Cape Town, South Africa

Climate: Marine Subtropical

Average Yearly Temperature: 15.1°C (59°F)

Official Language: English

Religion: Christianity

Currency: Pound sterling (£), introduced in 1963

First Settled: 1810

First Permanent Settlement: 1816

Volcanic Activity: Tristan Da Cunha is a hotspot volcano that last erupted in 1961 and 1962

Imports: Food, beverages, tobacco, fuel oils, animal feed, building materials, motor vehicles and parts, machinery and parts

Exports: Fish, coins, stamps

Asthmatic Rate: Over fifty per cent of islanders have partial evidence of asthma and twenty-three per cent have a definite diagnosis